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Creature Sim


Hi, I am the sole developer of Creature Sim, for the last year or so I've been working on Creature Sim, a game about creativity and evolution. To start, I would like to talk about the graphics. I've chosen an art style similar to Pixar movies but with a little more realism. Bioluminescence can be found in Creatures and Flora to show a beautiful glowing effect on environments using the engine's top-notch lighting system. Each planet will have day and night cycles, weather effects like rain, fog, and even seasons such as spring, summer, fall, and winter. 

Creature Sim

The very first introduction to the game starts you off as a cell looking for other cells to consume. This is where your evolution begins. Each Cell or creature you consume adds Evo and DNA points to your creature. While gaining Evo Points, the only physical change to your creature will be its size. The Introduction phase will introduce you to a small part of the evolution chart, the Evolution chart provides a point-based system. Use your Evolution points to unlock new parts and abilities

Changing the appearance of your creature requires the Creature Editors. 

The Cell Editor is basic but gives players the ability to create whatever type of creature they can imagine.


Resize, stretch, pull, retexture, and or even change the color of any part you want! It's all up to the player! 

Creature Sim
Creature Sim
Creature Sim

Both creature parts and the Evolution Chart can affect your creature stats and give unique abilities as well as a unique look.  

With more than 40 Parts to choose from, players can create anything they can imagine!

Creature Sim

Enjoy a fun top-down cell simulation about creativity and evolution. Gain unique abilities by devouring your foes and even your friends. Show no mercy as you roam through the deep dark waters of the massive tide pool world! Your tidepool world!

The introduction stage gives players the freedom to roam anywhere they desire and do whatever they want. Fight aggressive foes or simply avoid them and consume smaller cellular like particles to evolve, the choice is yours! Cells can gain incredible abilities from shocking foes to unleashing mind-altering effects. Choose from a wide range of abilities for both predator and prey.

Your creature will eventually evolve and become big enough to enter the next part of

Creature Sim


>>Under Development<<

Keep in mind that this is all under development and will go through changes, especially the User Interface.


While transversing through the alien environment, discover a beautifully rich world full of procedurally generated flora and Creatures. Watch out for predators of all sizes! Some as small as a bug and others as large as a Kaiju, these vicious predators have one job and that job is to hunt down prey and feed. 

From inside the oceans, to the skies, creatures have a wide range of ways to either Hide and remain passive or to hunt and be aggressive. Some creatures are bound to the rules of nature while some are not. When completing the introduction stage, using the evolution chart, players will have a choice to choose either Gills or lungs. This will determine the creature's starting point in the next phase. 

Creature Sim

Creatures that have chosen Gills are not entirely bound to the Oceans, with legs, aquatic creatures can still go on land for a limited time. Stay on land too long and they will Die!

Creature Sim Concept Art
Creature Sim

Those that have chosen lungs are land creatures. Though it would be wise to avoid deep waters, land creatures can still swim and go underwater for a limited time. Stay too long and they will drown

supreme676 creature sim on mountain.jpg
Creature Sim

Then there are over overachievers that work really hard and achieve both lungs, and gills at the beginning of the next phase!

While in the next phase creatures can achieve both gills and lungs by consuming other creatures with the opposite part and with a 5% chance they can gain said part or use your Evolution points to unlock

Gaining DNA and Evo points in the next phase can be done by reproducing, consuming, building a nest, gathering rare resources, and surviving.

To get Land and Aquatic creatures to come together and be "friends" I not only added a food system but also a thirst system!

As long as your creature is not in combat they can enter the creator's anytime you choose

Creature Sim
Creature Sim

All Creatures have the ability to build a nest wherever their creature is comfortable. Nest not only provides a stable location for your creature but is also the only place creatures can reproduce.






Creatures, reproduce by parthenogenesis. Reproduction brings more of your species into the world and can only be done every ## Mins. Only the leader of the pack can reproduce. Player creatures do not have to be the leader

Creature parts affect the way creatures transverse through the environment. Fins make creatures swim faster, raptor feet give creatures faster-running speed on land, wings give creatures the ability to use glide or flight. 

Creatures can be carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, cannibal, or just survive purely off liquids, players have the freedom to choose their creatures evolution every step of the way

The cool thing about the Evolution system is that even though it's provided as a point-based system, you can also set it to "Auto" and allow your creature to evolve the way life intends!


Inspired by 2005 Spore

Editor Design still a work in progress.

Still need to draw the chart, icons, and the in-game designs

My personal Opinion


The goal is to create a game that gives the players as much creativity as possible, while at the same time providing a fun experience! Currently, there are plans for future Phases but it's just in the planning stage. I want to focus on the first 2 Eras before moving on to another.


Updates- I do have a stable Cell Era game I plan to release as an Alpha. The Alpha and the Beta will be used to find and eliminate all bugs.

Copyright- I personally created most of the content in Creature Sim, some content was created by developers contracted by me, and then there are assets brought from an asset store that's being used as placeholder material. In short, All content in Creature Sim besides the Store brought Assets, belong to Oreuglas Ent, 

I've modded and made Indie games For years but always wanted an up-to-date game about Evolution and creativity with updated graphics, fewer restrictions, and more content! So I present Creature Sim!