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Creature Sim 3D

Okay, this is not gonna be easy but it has to be done. The past year or so, I've been working on the game titled Creature Sim. I've made great progress, I've even manage to finish the first stage. While not fully 100% complete, and riddled with bugs, the game is still playable.

However, for the past 3 or 4 months, I've be working on the second stage. This stage was suppose to be the full 3D experience we've all wanted. My goal was to of coarse, make a "Spore 2", and it was going as planned.

[Creature Sim Day and Night Video]

The problem is, I honestly dont think I should continue the project. The amount of resources and time I've spent on Creature Sim is outstanding. So, if it fails, then I can essentially be put out of business.

Searching throughout the internet, I came across a few "post" about Creature Sim. The main talking point about Creature Sim that I run into over and over is "It looks bad" or "This is a Spore rip off".

I can always put more resources into the game to make it look better but that's the problem. Designing or re-designing a game cost a lot of resources and even more, time. Though, I am willing to spend more time and more resources on this project, the question is, "will this game be fun?" "Will this project be successful?" The title is being called a "Spore ripoff" quite frequently, "will I be sued?" Creature Sim is not popular enough to take on an established gaming company.

So, with that said, I've decided to postpone Creature Sim's development until further notice and use the assets for a more affordable and more popular project I'm working on. Though, I would love to finish my dream project Creature Sim, I just feel like there's not a big enough fan base for a "Spore Sequel type game"

Worry not! I will be releasing the Prototype Cell game phase soon! I was thinking Q1 2020!

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