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Updated: Dec 22, 2018

I suck at writing!

As you may know by now, I'm single handily creating a game like Spore. For now, my goal is to create 2 Phases. Cambrian Era- This Phase will go from the Archean Era, all the way to the Cambrian Era in a 2D Top Down Format, and Cretaceous Era- This Stage will go from the Triassic Era all the way to the Cretaceous Era. Thats basically the Cell Stage and the Creature Stage but with a lot more! Let me explain


You will not start off with all these parts shown. At first you will have Cell like parts. Eventually you will gain Cambrian Era Parts.

In Spore's Cell Stage gameplay, you go from Single celled to fish like creatures. Well, Creature Sim will be similar in that way but besides getting parts by killing creatures, you will gain parts by putting DNA Points into your DNA Research Tree and unlocking them. You can also Unlock Special Abilities in the Research Tree. Parts will not give Abilities, only stats such as Speed and Stamina. There is also a Leveling system, so as as your creature goes up in levels, it will grow in size until you reach the Cambrian Era.


As said you unlock parts and Abilities using the DNA research tree. You can texture, color and resize any part however you like. Parts can be textured differently from each other. Make a rainbow like creature or a single textured creature, its all up to you!


Creature Sim is completely funded and created by me. One Person with a vision and a goal! I've been thinking about ways to get investors for this project but have yet to execute them. The 2D part has been very costly so the 3D part is gonna annihilate my pockets. My initial plan was to release the first part of the game for a small fee of 4.99$ and use the funding I gather to finish the game but tbh Im having trouble with release. Assets and game design is costing me a fortune. Whatever I cant create my self I look for other developers to help, like buying assets, game mechanics and more. I'm currently using an expensive game engine with a monthly subscription as well. So, I started thinking about crowd funding.

Going 3D

I've already started working on the Cretaceous Era and so far its been smooth sailing. Besides funding its going great! The Cretaceous Era will have Land sea and Flying creatures all sharing the same environment. Same Rules apply to the Cretaceous Era, to gain parts and abilities you will need to unlock them using the DNA research tree. Parts will effect your abilities like Speed on land and or in water and sky. If you have fins and no legs your creature will be very very slow on the ground.

Creature Sim will focus more on good gameplay first and realism second! Yes there will be blood and lots of cool abilities!

With today's technology creating a game similar to Spore is not as hard as I thought it would be.


The Original plan was to launch this game with multiplayer with planets consisting of up to 20 players on them but the pricing for servers and the amount of work needed would have tippled or more. So, for now Im gonna work on Single player with multiplayer in mind. This way the transition will be as smooth as possible. Yes! Creature Sim will have Multiplayer! Eventually!

Disclaimer: As a lone Developer I do buy assets from other developers. I do sometimes buy help for programming and I do use a paid for Game Engine. I did not create my own game engine. I use a heavily modified version of whatever engine I'm currently using!

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