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This version shows off the aquatic parts and the editor.

Uploaded on May 29, 2018

This version comes with new cell designs and a new paint option. Players can now paint all Parts any color


Uploaded on Jun 14, 2018

Added, individual part painting, rotating, new models, updated UI, stats, fixed glitches and more

Uploaded on Dec 21, 2018
Uploaded on June 5, 2018

This version comes with new cell designs and a pre-alpha version of the cell stage. This was to show off the assets 


This version comes with a new UI, new cell designs and parts can now be individually painted


Uploaded on Jul 15, 2018

Having a little trouble with Syncing some of the game. Also added a new UI that also still needs work, some new assets, new gameplay features, and an overall quality gameplay upgrade. The game will be single-player and multiplayer, play solo or with friends!

Hi! Sorry I've been MIA for a while! I've been hard at work on Creature Sim and Sector Space. Here's a Creature Creator Prototype Test Video showing off a few updates.
-New Parts
-Resize Body and Parts
-Change Texture Color
-Body And Parts Animation
-New User Interface
-New Effects
-And so much more! This Stage will go from the Archean Era all the way to the Cambrian Era!

The First Era of the game is nearly complete. It'll probably get a new UI change and a few additional features added before a demo is released


Showing off some of the assets in Creature Sim, the environment and random creature generation. A random set of parts are randomly generated and thrown together to make creatures. Similar Creatures roam in pacts while others roam aimlessly. There are currently no gameplay functions in the game.